1. I love your videos. I watch each one. I had to comment , though, since my daughters (one a Bear and the other who just earned her Scout Rank) commented. “Girls too!” “Doesn’t he know girls are now in the program?” Keep up the good work. I know for you all of the Scouts you work with and all the Scouts in your troop are boys. There are, though, Scouts and Scoutmasters who listen where that is not the case. We didn’t take offense, please don’t think about it that way, we are just kindly chiming in. The only time we would take offense if someone says boys or Boy Scouts with malice; specificities excluding girls in a passive aggressive way of showing their distaste with the program changes. Again, keep up the good work. -Matt

    1. Hello Matt,
      Please take no offense! I’m pretty old school, and it’s sometimes hard to remember the girls who have recently entered the program, but I promise to try and be better. One of my woodbadge patrol mates just started a girls troop, and I whole hardily encourage and point young ladies to it.

      Good luck with the program for both your young ladies, and keep watching, you might even hear a shout out to them in an upcoming episode.

      Scoutmaster Dave

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